From the Internet on the Bullock Cart to e-Prosperity in India

From the Internet on the Bullock Cart
to e-Prosperity in India

Keynote Speech by Mohamed Muhsin
NASSCOM 2003: India Leadership Forum
Mumbai, India
February 14, 2003

In this passage Muhsin started by showcasing the fact that despite the transformation achieved in information and technology there was still a distance to go globally particularly in India.

His focus was on an agenda that offered great opportunity and empowerment to the poor through the use of Information Technology.

India’s knowledge economy and society has seen a strong and increase recognition of its position in the global IT environment but despite all this India was showed to be the lowest in human development in the world.

This daunting challenge that had to be addressed with a sustainable increase in economic growth.

He highlighted roles to be played in ensuring poverty alleviation and e-prosperity. He spoke on the role of Information Professionals who needed to be problem solvers and useful intermediaries for the poor. The second role was Educators where IT knowledge played a significant role in supporting livelihoods. The third role was of a Business Leader who envisioned businesses and made a difference globally. The fourth role he talked about was Social Leadership where IT needs to be leveraged for poverty alleviation. On the final role he showcased the role of the World Bank in IT as a strategic lever to bridge the poverty gap and also enrich the partnership that they continue to share with India.

He stated that India had harnessed the ongoing IT revolution to reduce poverty and achieve e-prosperity.

He summarized that there was a need to help make information and knowledge accessible which then would go on to make the world free of poverty and bring about e-prosperity.