Global Knowledge Sharing and Local Development

International Symposium on Network Economy and Economic Governance.
April 19, 2001, Beijing
Global Knowledge Sharing and Local Development by M.V.Muhsin.

Muhsin spoke on the relationship between the network economy, development and poverty. He spoke of the seriousness of Globalization which was driven by the networking world. He stated that there cannot be a sole strategic contributor but there had to be different strategies combined to interact and determine the outcomes.

Every other developed or developing country needed to have a successful economic and social development strategy in order to pave their way through the networked world. He emphasized that knowledge was the key element in creating affluent societies, networks which was every economic need.

For developing countries it was important to maintain a balance between local benefits and global integration through economic networks in order to be central to a winning strategy.

He pointed out that with globalization and global development there was development that happened locally which reaped benefits through global exchange of knowledge and learning.

He showcased the World Banks active role in providing advice, lending for education and capacity building.

Development Gateway is a foundation that has been sponsored by the World Bank and its partners which helps in bringing together development communities and thereby collaborating and resolving development problems. County Gateways helped communities contribute and benefit from knowledge collections on wide range of issues.

He mentioned that as China had recognized the importance of Information Technology for economic development it had come a long way in helping benefit its poor and alleviate poverty.

He deduced that there was already a networked world existent but the difference made was the value added in helping create a group of world community among the non developed segments.