Information, Connectivity critical for development.

This was during the time period when Mohamed Muhsin had addressed a Business Convention 2001 that had been organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. He spoke on recognizing and resolving differences in order to be successful in Globalization. He also added that the country would lose all it had gained if there was no effort made in community development through resources like information & technology.

He analyzed that Sri Lanka had to invest in information and technology literacy as its investment made in tertiary education had been relatively low as compared to India and Malaysia by then in 2001.

In order to reap the benefits of globalization Muhsin signified the need to create a pool of highly skilled IT professionals who would work globally but live locally. He regrettably noted that IT revolution had not reached Sri Lankan schools. Muhsin outlined the countrys needs in providing IT literacy skills and access to information as a basic right for every Sri Lankan.

On the same note there was a Distance Learning Centre which has been established which is the Sri Lankan node point of the Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank Institution and was established by a World Bank funded project.

There must be an economic revival in the IT Field

The Island – Sunday Edition 14th October 2001

This was when Mohamed Muhsin had been interviewed by the Sunday Island Sri Lankan newspaper.

He stated that money was not moving as fast as it had to. Quoting Mr. Muhsin, “Disbursement rates here are below 10% , for instance if the bank provides a 100 million loan only 10 million goes.”

He mentioned that the government needed to be aggressive in canvassing for funds particularly for education.

He stressed that in a Bank the working methodology is that of being approached and proposals being presented.

Muhsin inferred the commitment and zealousness shown by the Finance Ministry, he only wanted to corner out the problem of implementation and agencies.

Muhsin recapitulated in conclusion that there was no need to feel that there was no money in the country.